Steel Arts have recently gained the FORS Silver Accreditation. This is a voluntary Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) that covers all areas of fleet operator safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions. It is intended to enable companies using large lorries for transportation of goods to improve their operations so that they are constantly adhering to best practice.

FORS Compliance

Because they are now FORS Silver Accredited, this means that Steel Arts have committed themselves to providing a quality transport service, running everything in accordance with the FORS standards for legal compliance, safety efficiency and environmental protection via sustainability. This standard applies to both light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs).

By achieving the FORS Silver standard, the company is showing clients that they care about general safety as well as the safety of the environment. Bronze is the lowest level, Silver the second and Gold the highest accreditation that can be given. So, Steel Arts have done extremely well to be awarded the FORS Silver accreditation, the level most sought after by fleet operators.

Going for Silver

FORS Silver is only given to operators of vehicles who have already effectively maintained their Bronze level and who have shown that they have put in place the following:

  • Driver licencing verification systems
  • Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are equipped with a left turn audible warning system
  • Vehicles are fitted with blind spot minimisation devices. This should be a high-quality camera monitoring system to eradicate all blind spots around the vehicle, both at the rear and the near side. This should dramatically reduce the possibility of the vehicle hitting someone on foot or on a bicycle. It also protects drivers against getting involved in accidents that need not have happened, thus boosting the safety of the fleet.

Why choose FORS?

Companies such as Steel Arts choose to go for the FORS Silver Accreditation as it helps in so many ways:

  • Reduction in fleet operating costs – because vehicles have camera safety systems in place, insurance premiums are reduced by circa 20%
  • Protection against false claims/theft – in-vehicle cameras protect against false insurance claims
  • Improved driving and driver behaviour – drivers improve their skills, reduce risk on the road and boost safety best practice
  • Customers appreciate the effort involved in acquiring the accreditation, thus improving customer retention

Steel Arts’ commitment to good practice is clearly evident. By obtaining the FORS Silver accreditation, this reflects positively on the business as well as their attitude to road safety and sustainability. Both existing and new clients are far more likely to make them their company of choice.